What is IBC Sports

What is the International Broadcasting Center or IBC?

Sports IBC, or abbreviated from the International Broadcasting Center 96Ace Thai, is considered a center for video and audio distribution from the mass media, which will be broadcast along with the main media. The purpose of this audio and video broadcast is to broadcast sports in an important event at the Olympics. In other words, at the Olympics, international audio and video will be heard every time we often hear the name. That the IBC, first published in Tokyo Japan in 1964. In addition to the sporting events of broadcasting and broadcasting Viewers can also join in on the fun of betting เกมส์สล็อต, most of which Will be a live bet that players can immediately know the result after the match In every match, players can choose to watch along with other players, with real-time betting สล็อตออนไลน์มือถือ and know the results immediately when the match ends.

How to bet on football with IBC

In football betting online Some websites will set a minimum price, such as a minimum bet of 10 baht with a higher or higher value. Depends on each website In addition, in football competitions in each season, there are also promotions that are interesting to players as well. The advantage of choosing to play football online is that players can choose the pair that they want to play football without limiting. In addition, depositing and withdrawing money is easier and more convenient. Players can also choose to play football via mobile phone or computer. Also able to watch live broadcast anywhere, anytime Making it possible to watch entertainment from the competition as well as betting to receive profits at the same time 

1. Players can choose websites that provide online sports betting services. Then sign up as a member and receive a password to access the website.

2. After entering the main page Players can choose from the sports menu to proceed to the betting page.

3. After that Choose the type of sport you want to bet on And betting on the desired side

Examples of interesting football betting vocabulary

Keywords used in the game are Asian Handicap Refers to the bet price per point that will be added after the game has started ninety minutes and is the basic terminology of this match. With the following interesting examples

  • First half, the home team leading the game

HH home team wins at the end of the game.

HD draw results at the end of the game

HA The visiting team wins

  • First half Draw games

DH wins by home team

DD draw results at the end of the game

DA’s away team wins

  • The first half of the away team led the game.

AH home team wins at the end of the game

AD Draw results at the end of the game

The away team AA wins


Playing sports in Thailand has received a lot of attention from players, especially playing sports games from live broadcasting. Which makes watching football more realistic And more than that, is the online betting service in which players will be able to participate in the competition even more. In addition to being entertained by watching live broadcast Viewers can still profit from the competition.



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